Free Total Defense Anti-Virus Download For PC

Total Defense Anti-Virus can be a easy-to-use, in depth resolution which offers integrated virus and adware combating abilities, guarding your Computer from worms, Trojans, and also other malware that may decelerate or simply hurt your Computer.

Intended especially for residence and residential business office environments, the Total Defense Anti-Virus Software package combines state-of-the-art antivirus and anti spyware protection. It provides improved detection of malware with cloud-based scanning, and automatic scanning of all downloads, making sure infected information are quarantined in advance of they could lead to hurt.

Know About Total Defense Anti-Virus

Total Defense Anti-Virus

Total Defense Anti-Virus 9.0 Download

The Total Defense Anti-Virus Software also allows you retain your Computer, e-mail messages, tunes, images, and files absolutely free from virus and spyware an infection. It provides constant automatic updates, so you are generally shielded versus the most recent threats. Plus a simplified person interface helps make it even much easier to use by grouping popular capabilities into easy-to-understand sections.

Complete Virus and Spyware Safety:

:: Best-of-Breed Rootkit Defense
:: Lessened Memory Footprint
:: Redesigned, Intuitive Interface and Central Regulate
:: Speedy Scan and One-Click Installation
:: Auto Scanning of USB drives
:: Involves Cost-free, Professional Setup and Set up!

Total Defense Anti-Virus Attributes:

:: NEW! CLOUD Protection SCANNER
Amplified detection of malware with cloud-based scanning, enabling checks in opposition to a appreciably bigger database of malware. Cloud Scanning provides an increased degree of defense by getting the sample of one’s data files as opposed from a trusted whitelist of acknowledged great files on the internet.
:: NEW! Download DEFENDER
Instantly scans all downloads making sure infected files are quarantined just before they’re able to bring about harm.
:: Real-Time Virus & Anti-Spyware
Prevents viruses, worms, rootkits, FakeAV, and Trojan horses from infecting your Personal computer and protects you from existing and emerging adware threats.
:: Fast Scanning
Total Defense Anti-Virus is equipped with one of the fastest scanning engines in the industry: up to 8x faster compared to standard virus scanning engines – as rated by Virus Bulletin’s independent testing. This means you can enjoy more time using your Laptop, not waiting for it.
:: Continuous Updates
Keeps your Computer system protected from the most up-to-date threats by downloading malware signatures and feature updates. There’s no need to upgrade to a newer version of the program either; your safety is upgraded to the newest release as long as you have an active subscription. It’s seamless, automatic, and simple.
:: Computerized USB Scanning
Industry-leading anti-malware enhancements and automated USB scanning technologies.
:: Informative Reports
Lets you monitor the status within your system by providing real-time reports that show consumer activity and system alerts.

Download Total Defense Anti-Virus 9.0 Free