How to Install Free Antivirus Software On PC (Layman’s Guide)

If you are some one who really don’t know how to install an Antivirus software or wants to send someone “how to do it”, here is the quick guide to do so. Anybody who use and manage a windows computer knows how important it’s to possess good anti-virus software. But you don’t have to pay permanently for this protection. If somebody still does not have anti-virus software running, here’s quick tips you are able to send them to assist them to arrange it.

This informative guide is perfect for everybody who would like to learn to to get it done for windows PC. We accustomed to recommend Microsoft Security Necessities, our previous favorite, which is not adequately ranked by most anti-virus tests. If you are a sophisticated user, Avast is your own favorite anti-virus program, however it requires some configuration. For novices, I can not recommend Bitdefender’s Free Edition highly enough.

Layman's Guide to install antivirus

Layman’s Guide to install antivirus

Note: This informative guide is perfect for windows customers. If you are on the Mac, we advise installing Sophos rather.

Here is how to setup Bitdefender in your Home windows PC:

  1. Point your cursor to the Bitdefender’s Free Edition webpage (to not be mistaken with their premium offering) and download the program. Double-click the installer to start process of installation.
  2. Stick to the wizard to set up the program. Whether it insists upon remove your overall anti-virus software, proceed and achieve this-it’s generally not better to run two anti-virus programs at the same time. Accept the terms and contracts when motivated. The many other default configurations is going to be fine.
  3. Throughout the installation process, Bitdefender will run a preliminary scan to make certain the body is clean.
  4. When it is finished checking and installing, you will have a choice to produce a Bitdefender account. Most anti-virus programs need you to register (free of charge) within thirty days to carry on while using program, so you may too do it. Click on the “Produce a new account” link, arrange it, and sign in when you are done.

In the future, you need to visit a little Bitdefender “B” icon in your body tray-which means Bitdefender is running without anyone’s knowledge, monitoring your pc for just about any infections that could cross your path. Bitdefender does not have numerous options, that makes it incredibly simple: just leave the “Virus Shield” and “Auto Scan” choices on and you ought to be protected.

Oftentimes, Bitdefender will stop you from going to an internet site whether it detects adware and spyware around the page. Should you ever get an infected file in your system, Bitdefender will instantly quarantine it. You can observe your quarantined products by clicking Bitdefender’s icon in your body tray and clicking the “Show Files” button underneath the “Quarantine” section. After that, you should use the buttons on the authority to delete the file, or-knowing it is not a malicious file-restore it.

Always Remember, good anti-virus software programs are important, but it is much more vital that you see the web securely. The easiest method to avoid infections would be to make certain you do not download them to begin with. Don’t click something that claims you’ve got a virus unless of course it’s originating from Bitdefender itself. Don’t click any suspicious Facebook posts, and do not click suspicious email links. When you get an e-mail from, hover your cursor within the link and check out the foot of your screen to make certain it really would go to – whether it goes elsewhere, it’s most likely likely to harm your PC.